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Hear from our Customers who have used the Oska Pulse for Chronic Pain conditions.

Hear from our customers

Chronic Pain

This is a small sample of genuine OSKA Pulse testimonials from around the world.
Surnames have been removed for privacy.

An email from Steve Collins – Down Under Foods, Phoenix, Arizona.

Oska Pulse for CRPS

From: Steve Collins
Date: 4 April 2018 at 07:35:21 AWST
To: Michael Hawker

Thanks so much Mike.

You should both be thrilled about the number of lives you have changed, and saved, in respect to Oska Pulse. I never got a chance to tell you about three or four conversations I had with women who were at the point of suicide from CRPS/RSD. These were brutally honest and highly emotional calls and tears flowed freely when they spoke so warmly about how much Oska Pulse had helped them. There are not too many human beings can lay claim to having saved a life; by virtue of your creation, you can. Bravo!

Kind regards,
Steve Collins, MBA 
Director, Down Under Foods.

Video testimonial from Christine

Christine (Western Australia)

I purchased my OSKA about two years ago – it cuts my back pain in half. I certainly know when I forget to take it with me.

Lynda B. (USA)

No more shoulder pain. OSKA as changed my golfing life which has changed my life… Can’t say how I feel about all the doctors over the last two years who did nothing to help.– Di A.

Di A

My husband has suffered with chronic neck and back problems for over 20 yrs and is very sceptical of any ‘new gadget’… He tried it to humour me and now, his blue mouse travels with him wherever he goes!

 Jacqueline C. (USA)

I have RSD/CRPS in my arms and legs. I found that the OSKA reduces the allodynia greatly for me. I still experience it but not as heightened or consistently. Also feel like it reduces my anxiety.I feel calm and relaxed using this. I’m amazed with the relief I have received. I also like that it is hand held, no wires, no vibrations or sticky pads.

Sara (USA)

Video Testimonial from Doris

Doris (western Australia)

This is working for me. I bought OSKA to use for fibromyalgia pain and other pain. Shortly after getting it I developed severe tendinitis. OSKA and topical pain relief are the only things I used, and I just completed a vacation pulling luggage which would not have been possible.

Weldon P. (Western Australia)

Video testimonial from Jim

Jim (Western Australia)

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