Travel with Oska

Portable pain relief: Take OSKA Pulse anywhere


By Car or Coach

Short trips are obviously no problem as the battery in your device will last for between 20 and 24 hours of use. However, for longer overnight  trips you will need to take your battery charger, or have a USB charge port available in your vehicle. To ensure your Oska is protected, place in a soft cover, ( now supplied with the device ) or a sock.


By Sea or by air

When checking in, you may be asked more technical questions such as the type of battery and power consumption. Always place in your carry-on luggage and have a user guide with you which will help explain what the OSKA Pulse does.

The battery is a 3.7volt Lithium Ion battery, the same as used in Nokia mobile phones, consuming roughly the same amount of power. (See Product Specifications below)

While on board or in the air, treat it the same as a mobile phone. If asked to turn off your iPhone or other reading devices, turn off your OSKA Pulse.



Device:Low-frequency, low-intensity, PEMF medical device.
Dimensions:13.4cm x  8.5cm
Weight:60 Grams
Power supply:3.7v Li-Ion rechargeable battery. As in Nokia mobile (cell) phones
Operating mode:Short-time 90 / 180 minutes per application.
Electromagnetic compatibility:IEC60601-1 Edit 3.1
Effective range:Up to 30cm from top or base.


Download a copy of OSKA Specs for travel

Download a PDF copy of Oska specifications you may need when travelling by ship or by air.