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Our bodies inherently use electrical energy to build and maintain our cells, tissues, organs, and bones. A healthy cellular metabolism is crucial for cell renewal and regeneration. However, when electrical potentials are lost due to injury or degenerative issues, cellular metabolism is adversely affected. In each of our joints, compression and decompression of cells (of the proteoglycan matrix) creates voltage differentials that open or close gates in the cell membrane transporter channels, managing the exchange of important ions such as sodium, potassium and calcium.

OSKA Pulse Therapy

By mimicking the body’s own electrical energy, PEMF helps the body restore the electrical potentials needed for optimal ion exchange, speeding the natural healing process.Clinical Trials Support PEMF Technology.Over 2,000 double-blind studies have been conducted to better understand the effectiveness of PEMF in assisting the body’s recovery from injury or degenerative issues. These studies have established the efficacy of the OSKA Pulse, providing you with a scientifically-backed solution for pain relief and recovery.

Four stage sequential treatment program

OSKA encourages cellular regeneration by providing four programs recognised for their natural effectiveness in load-bearing tissue. The waveforms and frequency structures used by the OSKA Pulse correspond to the following:


Angiogenesis is the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels and also the term used to describe capillary arcade, and dilation of capillaries.


Chondro or Chondrogenesis is the process by which cartilage is developed. This treatment protocol promotes the proteoglycan extra-cellular matrix found in connective tissue and cartilage.


Osteogenesis relates to the “remodelling” phase of biological repair. This treatment phase is designed to speed the repair of bone fractures, non-union issues, and to improve bone density.

Pain reduction signalling

The OSKA Pulse provides pain reduction signalling – it is not a pain-blocking device, which can confuse the body’s natural repair system. Instead, OSKA Pulse  electrochemically influences pain signals through the central nervous system.

Clinical Study

Double blind clinical trial

Treating Chronic Pain Using the Oska Pulse Device, a double-blind clinical trial with placebo