My endometriosis miracle with Oska

My endometriosis miracle with Oska

For around 15 years I have been suffering from severe inflammatory pain and cramps in the lower abdomen and intestinal area during, before and after my monthly period. After my pregnancy 8 years ago, which ended in an emergency cesarean section, the symptoms got worse every year. During Corona, the situation worsened even further, according to doctors, probably triggered by the three Covid vaccinations.

Due to a history of cancer, there is no possibility of hormonal relief for me, so the doctors only consider a hysterectomy to remove the suspected endometriosis and the uterus.

My self-employment prevented me from having this operation twice in 2023, as convalescence takes around 2-3 months and I work in the field of personal training and health coaching and such an absence, or such a major restriction didn’t seem to be feasible.

At the beginning of November I by chance became aware of Oska Pulse on the internet and was very interested in reading up on the topic of pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF).

Because of my job, I am very open to new and alternative medical methods, and I borrowed the Oska from Electrozeutika for 4 weeks.

I had Axenia Schäfer explain to me how the whole thing works in detail. What I kept in mind was that low-frequency electromagnetic fields can heal tissue, reduce inflammation and allow cells to return to their normal function.

After about 2 weeks of daily use for 3 hours, I had a significant reduction in pain during the next period and the one after that.

My enthusiasm led to an immediate purchase of the device and I am more than happy to be able to use this device every day. With the help of a strap, you attach the device like a belt buckle at the height of your abdomen, switch it on and continue with your everyday work. It is silent, does not vibrate and requires no further effort. After 3 hours, Oska switches off and the therapy is over.

My symptoms are now at a normal level that can be easily overcome. On a pain scale of 1-10 with pain over 10 it is now 4 to maximum 5 with the use of Oska Pulse.

My quality of life has improved significantly and I have saved one of my organs and therefore no long-term effects are to be expected.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this device to every woman with long-term endometriosis condition or severe period pain.

Thank you very much, Oska and dear Elektrozeutika team. You make my life better...

Denise Ahlers
Graduate sports scientist