Understanding inflammation and the role of OSKA Pulse

So, what alternatives to anti-inflammatory medication do we have?

Let’s look first at how the body fights infection.

It is important to understand that the inflammatory response is a vital part of the body’s immune system, in fact it is the first line of defence. (There are a number of videos that provide more detail of how this works, here is the link to one of the best.)  The body’s white blood cells or leukocytes, fight off harmful microbes with help from other critical parts of the immune system, including T-cells and macrophages.

Cytokines are small proteins that function as messengers between cells. They play an essential role in regulating  inflammation by dampening down extravaganza or stimulating action where needed – like when we need our bodies to fight off infection! Sometimes our defence system goes into overdrive, provoking what is known as a cytokine storm, exacerbating inflammation rather than reducing it; as in long-COVID.

Oska Pulse

Calms the storm

Oska Pulse uses a biophysical modality, delivering low-intensity PEMF at frequencies, designed to stimulate capillary arcade, increasing blood flow to the area being treated. It also opens sodium and potassium ion gates in cell membrane, modulating cytokines with anti-inflammatory effects, dealing with pain from acute and chronic inflammation.

Oska Pulse also stimulates lymph activity, increased oxygen levels to mitochondria (the power cell), providing more energy needed to fight the cause and reduce chronic inflammation.

Health benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation, speeds healing
  • Aids in relieving pain
  • Speeds cellular regeneration
  • Non-invasive and drug free
Emotional benefits:

  • Say goodbye to pain and hello to relief.
  • Feel the life and energy flowing through you.
  • Say goodbye to long recoveries.
  • Experience the power of Oska’s technology.

TGA registered

Oska Pulse is a TGA registered medical device

Oska Pulse is a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered medical device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy as a powerful tool, designed to aid the body’s natural healing process, dealing with both acute inflammation and chronic, including pain from degenerative conditions like osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. PEMF therapy has pro-regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects in both humans and animals, with no known side effects.

PEMF therapy has been used for many years, working at the cellular level to balance and re-charge cell activity. Many studies have shown that low frequency, low-intensity PEMF therapy effectively speeds inflammatory processes, producing a much needed stabilising effect.