Transforming Veteran Lives: A Testimonial on the Life-Changing Impact of Oska Pulse

Transforming Veteran Lives: A Testimonial on the Life-Changing Impact of Oska Pulse

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This letter is to thank you for providing the Oska Pulse so quickly and to also let you know how it’s changed my life.

I was first introduced to the Oska Pulse in March 2023 while attending the Warfighter Advance Program in Maryland. Participants were blessed with the opportunity to try the product to experience what it can offer. The representative, Katie, is truly a God-send and provided a wealth of information and evidence about its use and effectiveness.

Like most veterans, I have service-connected injuries for which I’ve been prescribed an array of medications since my discharge in 2005, none of which provided long-lasting relief or any improvement in quality of life, as most of them also had sedating side effects. Also like most veterans, I’ve been sent to chiropractors, physical therapists, neurologists, orthopedics, and mental health providers, only to be diagnosed with another problem AND another medication. For almost 20 years, I’ve been in a vicious cycle of appointment and medications that didn’t help and only increased frustration, pain, and struggles with mental and physical health.

Prior to attending the Warfighter Program, I had never heard of Oska Pulse or any other device that could alleviate pain with no sedative effects. To say I was skeptical about what such a small device could accomplish is an understatement. I was pleasantly surprised to experience a reduction in back pain, which resulted in the ability to be more active and participate more in the program.

At that time, I had recently had extensive orthopedic surgery on my left wrist where a bone was removed and tendons were re-routed. The hard cast had been removed just a few days prior to this trip. I was no longer on pain medication for post-surgical recovery, but I still had severe pain and limited movement. After having positive results with the Oska Pulse on my back (upper, mid, and lower) I applied the life-changing device to my wrist. What could it hurt, right? Again, I was shocked to feel relief, which resulted in an increase in function of such a vital joint. I became a huge fan of the Oska Pulse after this week of trial use.

Once I presented the required documents to my local VA provider in Tallahassee, FL, the process moved rather quickly. My occupational therapist was very proactive in assisting me with my wrist recovery, as well as with following the approval and shipment of the device. Because I had recently accepted a position with the Department of Defense in NC, her follow-up on my behalf expedited the process, and I received my own Oska Pulse prior to my relocation from Alabama to North Carolina.

While I was preparing for my move, I fell at home and severely strained my knee. Again, the Oska Pulse was utilized to decrease pain and allow usability. During my 12 hour drive alone, I used the Oska Pulse for my back so that I could complete my travels without incident, knowing the Oska Pulse is 100% safe and has no side effects that will affect performance or alertness. I am certain I could not have made this trip without the portability and ease of use of the Oska Pulse.

I have been in NC for one week now. I was able to successfully unload my truck, carry all of my things up two flights of stairs, unpack, and begin my new job. I’m also enjoying my new location on the coast, going for long beachside walks, and becoming active in the gym again. My new position requires me to remain fit-for-duty, and I know it’s only possible by having an Oska Pulse at my fingertips.

I no longer require pain medication, including Tylenol or Ibuprofen, for my long-term or shortterm injuries. Because I am able to be more physically active, I have lost a significant amount of weight, which has improved my self-esteem, confidence, anxiety, and depression. Living with reduced pain and increased function was just a dream for so long—my life before Oska Pulse was nothing short of a never-ending nightmare. And now, I am able to cope without medications and with mental and physical clarity because of the Oska Pulse.

My quality of life hasn’t been at this level since before my entry into the Army in 2003. I can’t imagine where I’d be if the Oska Pulse would have been available to me sooner, or even worse, if I had never been introduced to it at all. Oska Pulse has created a chain of events and improvements in my overall well-being that I never anticipated. To put it simply, the Oska Pulse has not only been life-changing, it’s been life-saving. My family has also noticed the improvements, and they definitely worry less about my struggles.

Please accept this as my testimony, as it is sent with the greatest gratitude. My family and I could never thank you enough.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Floyd, Army Veteran