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Inflammation and pain relief

The human body operates as an electrochemical powerhouse, with approximately 37 trillion cells that each contain a tiny “power plant” requiring energy to function. This electrochemical energy stems from the food we consume and the way we move and exercise. However, degenerative issues, accidents, surgery and the ageing process can all have a negative effect on the way our body functions, particularly in how it deals with pain.


Clinical studies show that chronic inflammation is the most significant factor that wears out our body prematurely. Although inflammation plays a crucial role in protecting us against infection and injury, when it becomes chronic, it has a detrimental effect. Instead of promoting repair, chronic inflammation leads to tissue damage and ageing’s fast-tracking process. What’s more, chronic inflammation is responsible for up to 80% of age-related diseases and conditions, making it a crucial point of intervention in slowing down biological ageing that impairs the speed of recovery.


Dealing with Inflammation

To reverse the damages of inflammation and prevent further damage to your body, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) therapy has proven especially useful. A recent study on PEMF therapy speculates on its ability to stimulate epigenetic regulation, which rebalances neuropathways and accelerates cellular regeneration. This can help prevent or even reverse the damage caused by chronic inflammation, effectively slowing down the ageing process.

Four stage sequential treatment program

OSKA encourages cellular regeneration by providing four programs recognised for their natural effectiveness in load-bearing tissue. The waveforms and frequency structures used by the OSKA Pulse correspond to the following:


Angiogenesis is the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels and also the term used to describe capillary arcade, and dilation of capillaries.


Chondro or Chondrogenesis is the process by which cartilage is developed. This treatment protocol promotes the proteoglycan extra-cellular matrix found in connective tissue and cartilage.


Osteogenesis relates to the “remodelling” phase of biological repair. This treatment phase is designed to speed the repair of bone fractures, non-union issues, and to improve bone density.

Pain reduction signalling

The OSKA Pulse provides pain reduction signalling – it is not a pain-blocking device, which can confuse the body’s natural repair system. Instead, OSKA Pulse  electrochemically influences pain signals through the central nervous system.

Clinical Study

Double blind clinical trial

Treating Chronic Pain Using the Oska Pulse Device, a double-blind clinical trial with placebo