Is Oksa Pulse Expensive?

Unpacking the cost and value of OSKA Pulse

We must ask, ‘What do we compare OSKA with?’

Firstly, what are you paying for ongoing medication?

Possible surgery or physical therapy treatments?

No money-back guarantee.

The long term use of drugs that can cause liver and kidney damage and/or stomach ulcers.

Possible addiction to medication.

OSKA Pulse is a once-only cost….you have it for life.

However, let’s average the cost over ten years.

90-Minute device at the current price = $92.50 per year or $7.70 per month.

180-Minute device at the current price = $117.50 per year or $9.79 per month.

Compare the above with….

  • Oska Pulse is registered with the TGA as a Medical Device, Class 2a.
  • It’s designed to get to the cause of pain, not just blocking pain, no drugs and no listed side effects.
  • Just a one-time price which includes a one-year warranty on the product, and a free customer support centre – for life!
  • No further costs or on-going expenses.
  • money-back guarantee if OSKA Pulse is not successful.
  • Bonus – The whole family can use it!

Is Oska Pulse expensive? We would say, “Definitely not”