Within hours of use, the OSKA Pulse helped with my symptoms significantly.

Within hours of use, the OSKA Pulse helped with my symptoms significantly.

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Four and a half months after I purchased the Oska Pulse to see if it would help address muscle and nerve pain, I had a serious accident and broke my ankle. I had a compound B and C fracture to the fibular, a fracture to the posterior malleolus, I also dislocated my ankle. I had a past history of CRPS and had to have emergency surgery. I was at risk of having pain management complications.

Postoperatively, I began to experience symptoms such as pins and needles in my foot, shooting nerve pain, twitching muscles and other symptoms such as temperature and colour changes in my limb. My ankle bone felt like I had an ice-cold star picket pierced through my joint. I had s8 medications prescribed to help manage the acute pain, however, my doctors discussed the likely requirement for further medication interventions, to stop the heightened nerve pain response I was experiencing from the fracture and surgery.

In discussions with my medical team, I showed them my Oska Pulse and put it to work on my ankle rather than trying further medication interventions. Within hours of use, the Oska Pulse helped with my symptoms significantly. I also noticed a fast reduction in inflammation during the first stages of wearing a cast.

While I am still on my rehabilitation journey with this injury, I feel the Oska Pulse has reduced pain symptoms and I am so thankful I had this device available to include it in my treatment plan. So far there has been no need for further medication interventions to manage the nerve pain response.

I really believe consumers with chronic pain conditions require knowledge and access to devices like the OSKA Pulse to help them manage injuries or pain conditions. Equally, Researchers, GPs, Pain Specialists, and Rehabilitation doctors, also require access to information on the Oska Pulse and how it works, so they can increase their knowledge, to help guide the medical system and their patients in seeking effective pain management and rehabilitation outcomes.

Kind regards, Xanthe (NSW, Australia)