A Game-Changer for My CRPS Pain Management

A Game-Changer for My CRPS Pain Management

Testimonial for the Oska Electromagnetic Device Reading A Game-Changer for My CRPS Pain Management 3 minutes

I got an Oska in December 2023 after a girlfriend recommended I try it to help with the symptoms of Type 2 CRPS. There’s not many treatments I haven’t tried since I was diagnosed with CRPS in 2020. Most treatments have been extremely painful and/or had side effects from the medications.

I love that the Oska doesn’t hurt, it is a pain free and totally drug free treatment. Within a month of getting my Oska I noticed the CRPS spread retreat back to the original ‘zone’ in my ankle and a significant decrease in allodynia (burning). Since wearing the Oska I have also had less numbness in my foot and better ankle movement. The nerve impingement around my ankle joint doesn’t burn as much when the Oska is running. It’s also made the pain associated with weather shifts less extreme.

I just wear the Oska above my ankle on the CRPS leg, and let it run its programme which lasts 180 minutes. Once finished I just turn it back on again to work its magic. It runs continually until I charge it just before bedtime. At night I let it run a programme under the base of my skull under pillow to stimulate the vegas nerve which I’ve found this also has helped my sleep cycle. I find I tend to sleep through the night better with the Oska running. The Oska has become a critical part of my pain management routine.

I then asked what led to the cause of her CRPS. As you will read, she is happy to do a write up for her Blog plus draw attention to the Oska on the various support groups:

Surgical complications after a broken ankle in 2019. They put a screw through my nerve when they put the plate in. The next two surgeries made it worse I was diagnosed in 2020. Im onto my fourth pain specialist after the first three felt zombifying meds or more surgery were my only options. I get neuromodulation therapy through them which opened my awareness to treatments like Oska and a gf put me onto Oska when she found it, she sees the same specialist. We’ve both spoken to the clinic about Oska and his nurse practitioner was looking into last time I heard.

Thank you again for your kindness.

Leigh R